BasseO combines elegance and acrobatics, musik and sensuality.

BasseO: A magical dance between a ring and a double bass.
BasseO tells a love store full of sensuality and power, of holding and letting go.
While the acrobat Nataliya Nebrat creates a magical space with only one ring and her unique show, her congenial partner Sergej Sweschinski accompanied she on the double bass.
This music sounds passionate and enchanting. On this way they tell us their story, this ancient story of the love that we have been told so many times, but never before so beautiful.


Aerial acrobatics

Meet in 2012 during a "Cirque Bouffon" production a close working relation developed between the composer and aerial acrobat Linda Sander.
Sergej composed all three songs for the aerial acts such as:
Vertical rope (red Angel), Trapeze (BasseO) and Aerial Hoop.

The performances vary between poetic to elegant and rebellious to melancholic moods.
During the live performances music and acrobatics merge together in a breathtaking atmosphere.
The duo workes in Varieties, Circuses and gala shows and is available for any events.

Kontrabass Solo